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March 19, 2017 Lovenote!

Hello Yogis!  Welcome to Lovenote March 19, 2017!  
Winter has returned in a big way in Vermont and we received over 2 feet of snow this past week in my area.  It was a time of snowdays, shoveling and bundling up.  Here is what the grill and picnic table look like!

Quote of the week -
Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.
  • Anthony J. D’Angelo


Pose of the week  -
Side Angle Pose - Utthita Parsvakonasana

Stand with your feet wide apart on the mat.
Turn your right foot out and your left foot in.
Bend your right knee so that your knee is over your foot.
Drop your right elbow onto your right knee.
Raise your left hand diagonally over your head.
Look up.
Breathe in, exhale
Breathe in, exhale
Breathe in, exhale
Now straighten back up to standing.
Do the same thing on the left side.

Gratitude of the week -  This week I am grateful that I have a warm home to spend snowy days in and food to nourish my body and blankets and warm clothes to keep warm with.  I am grateful for this winter blast that makes me know that spring will be truly appreciated when it arrives!  The first official day of spring is on Tuesday.  It is a chance for new beginnings, opening up and embracing life as it begins to activate again.

How are you going to “Spring” into action and activate???

If you would like to join me for a yoga class you can find me at:
The Edge in Williston, VT, Flow Yoga - Tuesday mornings at 6am every week.

I’ll also be teaching yin yoga classes on Tuesday March 21 and 28 at 3:30pm in Richmond.  Email me for more information if you are interest.

My wish for you today is health in your body, peace in your mind and love in your heart,

If you know anyone who may enjoy these weekly notes, please share with them.