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Lovenotes Returns!

Lovenotes RETURN!!     September 2018
Dear Yogi friends, I was asked today by a friend, what happened to Love Notes?!  It has been a while since I have sent these. I admit that I drifted!  I have been doing a lot of travel, working and thinking. It has been fun.  My writing shifted off tech. No computer. Yes, that’s right….I still wrote over the summer but it has involved paper, markers, gel pens, magazine collage and little tokens of my day to day life - tickets, all collected in a notebook that is fun to go back and look at.  Neat little reminders of the summer days past.
And through it all I have been aware, breathing, living, loving, and now I realize I miss connecting with you, my yoga friend!  I took the summer off from teaching yoga classes with the exception of just a few specialty workshops. I did yoga on the beach.  I did yoga at a few new studios. I hugged Redwood trees. I hiked. I biked. It felt good to shake it up. Try new things. Do more things outside.
Now let’s talk about …