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Samskara - negative habits of the mind

Today's post is from my friend Kyczy Hawk talking about Samskara - negative habits of the mind.  I hope you enjoy her insight! Peace, Jean Ask Kyczy about Yoga and Recovery; Samskara - negative habits of the mind Moving out of negative ways of thinking is so important for an addict. It is a challenge for all humans, but we addicts have the additional concern of jumping into the rut of negative thinking and sliding right into addictive behavior. Thought patterns or habits of the mind – referred to as samskaras – become more entrenched the more we follow them. These patterns emanate from impressions of the subconscious mind reinforced by later decisions we had made as the result of upbringing, social adaptation, responses to negative experiences and plain wrong thinking. Later we increase the grooves of unskilled thinking as the result of actions and habits we ourselves had taken up to "take care" of ourselves or to get high. For example the self protect…

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How yoga helps your body

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