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The CLOSER! Yogini does the marathon relay!

Hi All, It has been a while since my last post I know, so I am making up for lost time with a rather longish post about my recent adventure running in a relay for the Vermont City Marathon and Relay.  I'd LOVE to hear your comments or stories of running adventures that you done so please leave a comment in the box below!
Soon I will post some great yoga stretches for runners so stay tuned.  Better yet, comment and tell me what some of your favorite asanas are before and after running.
Peace Jean

The Closer Yesterday I was in the Vermont City Marathon in a 5 person relay for the first time ever!  If you had asked me a year ago if I would be participating in a marathon, I would have probably laughed.  “Not likely…”  Running, I have told myself for a while is not my thing.  Our marathon leader Suzanne assured me that it was a walking team and I could run if I wanted to.  Great, that gets me off the hook.  No pressure to run.  Hello?  I am going to be in a marathon!  Everyone there is…