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Warm colorful fall wishes to you

Yoga friendsIt has been a while since I have posted!   The trees are starting to change color and it is looking beautiful out.  I just returned from a wonderful trip to Seattle and British Columbia where I cruised for a week with my son, Lucas on a small cruise ship where he works.  The beauty and amazing wildlife we saw was jaw dropping.  I also had a chance to hang out around Seattle.  Here is my impersonation of the Space Needle.
There is an upcoming yoga session I’ll be teaching at Mount Mansfield Union HS. Need to De-Stress and Stretch? Want to build strength and work your core a bit?  Come join me for a yoga session on Thursdays after school.  It will be at MMU in the Kiva at 3:45pm - 5pm as part of the MMU After Dark program.  The dates of the fall session are:  Oct 22,29 and Nov 5, 12, 19 If you are interested you can signup here Peace and love, Jean