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Dream a little dream....

For many summers, we traveled to the ocean in North Carolina and I would walk the beach towards the piers in Cape Hatteras and would watch the surfers.  I love the surfers.  The funky cars, the gear in the back, the camaraderie that they seemed to have.  It all looked like so much fun to me.  The best part was watching them on their boards out in the water.  They would sit on the boards for long stretches just waiting for the perfect wave.  It looked very zen to me to just sit out on the board, feel the sun and the water and watch and wait.

I would tell tell myself that I should give it a try.  But then the opportunity would come and go.  I had tons of excuses.  I was a mom, and should take care of my kids.  I was too old.  I was too fat.  Women don't just get up on boards and surf.  I'd probably crack my head open and die.

Then recently I opened an email from Emily Garrett, a local yoga teacher friend,  inviting me to attend her weekend long Yoga-Surf adventure in York, Maine…