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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Wishes to You!I am so grateful to have you as part of my yoga community!  Each year at this time I send out gratitude to the yogis that share yoga with me.  This year I have a new way  of giving back that I would love for you to join in.As a way of giving thanks to my fellow yogis, I am inviting you to join this NEW online program I have created  -  A Yoga Pose a Day for 21 Days!  Starting January 1, 2014Each day for 21 days I will send you an email that will teach you a yoga pose, including a lovely quote for the day and a few other motivating surprises! Click to sign up for this new daily email training here! Signup between now and December 25, 2013 as a free holiday gift to you! To signup after Dec 25, 2013 cost  will be $21 for 21 days.  More details to follow but get signed up now for free before Dec 25!