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Feb 3 2017 Lovenote

Hello Yogis!  Welcome to February!   I am delighted to be spending time doing lots more yoga this month.   I am starting my year off with some new motivation and excitement about yoga, peace, and community.  In this world of tumultuous times, I think it is time for us to stick together, support each other and this is my little way of doing that with you!  I hope you are in and enjoy this communication.   As part of my start to 2017 I chose a word to motivate me for the year.  My word is “illuminate” and I am delighted at how great this word feels to inspire me each day.  If you want to read more about how I chose my word for 2017 you can read about it here.  In the spirit of ILLUMINATION, I am going to start sending out a little weekly lovenote to you and it will include some of my musings for the week.  I would love to hear from you on your thoughts, inspirations and suggestions.

Quote of the Week The world of the future is in our making.  The future is now.
- Eleanor Roosevelt

Pose of th…