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My Word for 2017

Happy New Year to all my Yoga friends!

This is often the time of year that we make resolutions, start working out and make commitments for the coming year.  It is a time of new beginnings.  A time to reset and start over.  
As I contemplated this year approaching, I knew that a resolution was not something that I wanted to do.  Instead I worked my way through a sweet  Find Your Word for 2017! program by Susannah Conway.  It is a 5 day delve into finding just the right word for you to have close to you for the next year.  My 5 days ended up being more like 20 days but at the end, I came up with MY WORD!  ILLUMINATION!  I love it!  It represents these things for me:

BrightenLightIntellectSpiritualFlowingBecomingOpenCreateThese are all things that make me tingle inside and get excited about the year to come.  I can feel some great things in store for this new year.  Yes, of course there will be challenges too.  Yet this one word gives me inspiration for the future.

I was so delighted with th…