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Lovenotes - Joy

Joy There are many reasons to feel anxious, distressed, upset, confused in this world we are in today.  As a salve to smooth over the bumps, I suggest you remind yourself of what brings you joy. Find the good in life.  Let's have a look: What brings me joy?
Having someone look in my eyes and give me a warm hug Finding beautiful mushrooms in the woods Making food for my wonderful sons Bright sunshine against a bluebird sky Petting a furry friend Smelling something yummy baking in the oven Jumping into bed on a cool night and wrapping up in flannel sheets and a good read Listening to an owl hooting in my backyard on a dark night Moving my body - stretching, sweating, reaching a bit further than my comfort zone Growing and enjoying beautiful flowers Connecting with the women in my life Freedom that our veterans have sacrificed to allow us to enjoy - Thank you to all who served our country Now friends, take a minute, close your eyes, and think of what brings you joy.  Taking a few minutes to be mind…