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IPhone and Inner Peace

I must share a recent story that happened to me.  My son and I were both long overdue for new phones, using very “retro” models that no longer served our needs.  We pre-ordered phones with the new release of the IPhone 5c, we got green 32 GB phones ordered up at Best Buy.  When we showed up on the release day to get our phones there was much confusion with the clerks at the phone counter.  Their computers were messing up big time and everything was taking a really long time to get the phones activated.  We finally though we had sealed the deal and headed home.
The next day I get some calls and texts and emails from my son saying that he is getting charged for every text and call he makes.  Something was fishy in Denmark…...So I did the only thing I could do.  I got nice and comfy on the couch and called up my helper queen at At&T, Christine.  When I told her of the few issues we were having, she began looking at the account and phrases like,”How did this get so messed up?”  She the…