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CH-CH-Changes are coming! Fall is here!

October is bringing colorful leaves on the trees here in Vermont.  The rainbow of reds, oranges, yellows, and green make me grateful for the beauty around me.  I find it important this time of year to get outside and take time in nature.  The days are getting shorter and the light is shifting.

(Photo by Leslie Noble)

Have you noticed how it is darker in the mornings and sunset is coming a bit sooner when you get home at the end of the day?

Taking time for a short walk can do wonders for your spirit.  Pay attention to the world around you as you walk and take in the beauty of the season. Breath deeply and fill your lungs with air.

Keeping life simple and enjoying the things right in front of us is one way to find peace and love.
My wish for you today is health in your body, peace in your mind and love in your heart.
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