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April 23, 2017 Lovenote!

Breathe in Gratitude, Breathe out Love!
Good Morning Yogis!
Welcome to Lovenote April 23,  2017!
This week I have had 2 people tell me that I am exuding peace.  Say what??  It gives me tingles up my spine to hear that.  
Here is Peace story #1:
My housemate Karen just came back from a trip south to Florida where she got back into her painting.  She painted a stunning reproduction of a lovely picture that I took in Williston last fall when we had a supermoon in October 2016.

Here is the picture I took:

Here’s Karen’s painting:
As she was cleaning up her painting pallets she we talked about the picture and the painting and she said to me,” Your pictures have a peaceful way about them.”  I love that the essence that comes from the picture to her was peace.  Please, let there be more peace!
Peace Story #2:
I had dinner with my friend Laurie the other night.  We had a lovely time talking and eating good food.  I sent her a quick little text thanking her for the lovely meal and here is how she responded:
I have always loved the peace sign.  I have always loved the word Peace.  It is something that calms my heart….feeling peace.  I feel it near water.  I feel it during a quiet moment watching the birds at the feeder.  I feel it doing yoga with my yogi friends.  
I am so grateful for my life and all the wonderful people in it.  Did you know that you are one of the people I am super grateful for?  Thank you for being here.  Without you here, I probably would not be writing these lovenotes.  I started writing them more on a regular basis when our political leaders in the USA changed hands and our country was in a tumultuous time that caused a lot of us worry.

Lovenotes were a way that we could share some good things and see the light that is in this world.  I want you to feel peace in your heart.  I want you to feel joy.  I want for you to have all it is that you want in this one precious life.  Thank you so much for being here!

Pose of the week:
Angali Mudra is a centering pose which helps to alleviate mental stress and anxiety.  It helps achieve focus and coming into a meditative state.  Bringing your hands together connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain.  Try bringing your hands together and close your eyes and breath steadily for 5 rounds.  Softly open your eyes and think of peace.
Quote of the week -
When you look at the sun during your walking meditation, the mindfulness of the body helps you to see that the sun is in you; without the sun there is no life at all and suddenly you get in touch with the sun in a different way.
-Thich Nhat Hanh

File:Walking.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
I am over the top excited to gather with you and hit the walking path.  I will be taking walks on selected Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings in May and June at 5:30pm for 1.5 - 2 hours at some of my favorite walking paths and trails in the local area.  We will meet on site where we will be walking.  Directions will come when you sign up here!  Please come to one or all of them.

If you know anyone who would like to join the Springtime OUTDOOR Mindfulness Walking Series please share this link with them. 
Thank you!  I am looking forward to see you on the walks!
Please email me  if you have questions or comments.  I love hearing from you.

Here’s to looking toward the light my friends.
Peace and Namaste,

My wish for you today is health in your body, peace in your mind and love in your heart,

If you know anyone who may enjoy these weekly notes, please share with them.