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Yoga Teacher Interview - Diane Mariano

Welcome to the first in a series of interviews that I will be doing with Yoga teachers to discuss the power and transformation of yoga in their lives. 

My guest is Diane Mariano who runs SchoolHouse Yoga Studio in Richmond Vermont.  Diane is a Certified Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher, YogaKids Teacher & Member of Yoga Alliance.

In this interview we will discuss:
  1. The first yoga class she ever took.
  2. The transformation that people closest to her have seen since she has started practicing yoga.
  3. What her "distributed personal yoga practice" is.
  4. Her teaching style and why she tells people to explore other yoga instructors.
This interview is about 26 minutes in length

Listen here

References in this interview:
Diane's Yoga webpage:

The Feldenkrais Method® with Uwe Mester: