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Love the children, even if it is hard

Let me tell you, the last few weeks have been some serious challenges going on around me (and inside of me!).  Most of you know that when I am not in “yoga teacher” mode, I also work in a school district as a techno nerd queen aka network administrator.  Working with students shows us that kids can be our biggest teachers sometimes.  We really have to never forget to love our kids each and every day, (especially when they upset us and we do not want to) because that is when they need it the most.  Take time to check in with your kids or some student you may know and find out what’s up with them.  It can be hard sometimes to peel that onion down and get to the real story but when you do, you will find all kinds of interesting thoughts and things going on that may surprise you.

When I was recently going through a rough patch with my teenage son, (yeah, those happen! Remember when you were a teen???)  I was having a really hard time getting him to share what was going on with him.  He just did not want to talk about it.  So what he did on his own was to go to the computer and type up a page of text that more eloquently expressed his thoughts and feelings than I ever would have believed.  It was that letter he typed that then allowed us to have a much more meaningful and deeper conversation than I ever imagined.

So what is the take away here and how does it relate to yoga??  Be open to new ways of hearing and doing things.  Leaving the door open to new and different styles of communication can not only make you understand things better but it can bring you closer to your loved ones.  Just as you may have done a downward dog in your yoga practice a gazillion times before, take a look at the next one that you do and see if there is something new you can bring to it that will give you a little deeper or more meaningful perspective of the pose.
Breath in Gratitude, Breath out Love,  Jean
Leave me comments below and let me know your thoughts!  Peace!